Youth can be described as the period that exists between our childhood and adulthood. A period in which we are able to define ourselves and our role in the world. A period we enter at some point and for some people, a period we leave again. But the duration of this time interval is not easy to agree upon. In 2012, the EU appointed the year as "the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations", drawing up a report in which it was attempting to put an age on youth, adulthood and old age among EU countries. Among those surveyed in Denmark, the average for when you stop being young was 38.7 years old. The idea of eternal youth has existed for a long time, and the efforts to keep being young just as long. One of the most famous examples is the fountain of youth, which dates back to Herodotus’ 5th century BC tales. But what is youth and how does it really feel when you're over 39?

This is a project that tries to discover what people do when the body is ageing, but you still feel young.

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