Peter-Emil Witt

The aesthetics of musculature

Bodybuilding is only one of many ideas in the world about the perfect body. A discipline that focuses on the aesthetics of the human figure when the muscles are pushed to the extreme. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won Mr. Olympia seven times, is probably one of the most well known bodybuilders in the world, and played a big factor in bodybuilding becoming more mainstream. Today IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) annually holds more than 2,500 competitions worldwide and affiliates over 190 National Federations. This is a look into the professional world of bodybuilding during the span of the European Championships in Santa Susanna, Spain. A brief look at the body, and a brief look at the dedication these people put into the pursuit of the perfect physique.

Santa Susanna is known as the world fitness capital, due to the large amounts of fitness events organized there through the years

Just before getting on stage most bodybuilders would take a last minute look at their bodies in the bathrooms under the arena

Some bodybuilders would add more color to their skin before getting on stage. This would often be applied with a paint roll

A total of 64 categories needs to find a winner during the days of the competition

Between performances on the stage a lot of athletes would be smoking cigarettes to calm their nerves

The competition had a total of 989 athletes participating 

When the athletes weren't busy competing a lot of them would have photoshoot done at their hotels

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