Peter-Emil Witt

Denmark was ranked fifth on a global peace index in 2018. But war and violence is still a part of the world whether we like it or not, and it is especially a big part of the entertainment industry in the modern western society. It is visible in people re-enacting old battles, playing hardball with your friends and war games on the computer such as counter-strike, which have reached new heights in its popularity.

Denmark has participated in several wars since World War II, which was the last on danish territory. Around ten depending on how you count. And though peace is becoming more and more common in the world, because of democratization, globalization, legislative efforts and much more, war still fascinates the human being. It flows through our culture like big blockbuster movies, TV-series and games, which popularity has taken a steep climb with big prize money in huge tournaments. It is also part of our leisure activities like when we are playing soldiers as children, when we go play paintball/hardball with our friends or when groups re-enact old battles. Drew Gilpin Faust an American historian and former President of Harvard University traced the seductiveness of war to its location on the "boundary of the human, the inhuman, and the superhuman”.

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