Peter-Emil Witt

Name: Jeanette Frank Fammé

Feels: 27

Have been using Botox since 2013 and is considering getting her eyelids done before turning 50. She still loves going out partying till five in the morning, and that is also a way for her to keep being young.

Age: 47

Second Youth

Youth can be described as the period that exists between our childhood and adulthood. A period in which we are able to define ourselves and our role in the world. A period we enter at some point and for some people, a period we leave again. But the duration of this time interval is not easy to agree upon. In 2012, the EU appointed the year as "the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations", drawing up a report in which it was attempting to put an age on youth, adulthood and old age among EU countries. Among those surveyed in Denmark, the average for when you stop being young was 38.7 years old. The idea of eternal youth has existed for a long time, and the efforts to keep being young just as long. One of the most famous examples is the fountain of youth, which dates back to Herodotus’ 5th century BC tales. But what is youth and how does it really feel when you're over 39?

This is a project that tries to discover what people do when the body is ageing, but you still feel young.

Name: Flemming Warnke

Feels: Young

Walks, cycles and plays tennis as the primary ways of keeping in shape. When he was young, he promised himself to always weigh less than 70kg. He has kept that promise since.

Age: 79

At Printzlau Private Hospital they specialize in Plastic Surgery. The word plastic in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word plastikos, which means to shape.

Name: Elham Bolghari

Feels: 32

With the vampire method doctors extracts some of Elham’s own blood and centrifuge it, which makes them able to take out the plasma and inject it back into her skin, and make it look younger.

Age: 43

Salt water is mixed with the Botox, which is called Botulinum Toxin Type A, which is a dry substance and afterwards it’s ready for injection.

Name: Lene Kjær

Feels: 30-35

Lene had her first cosmetic surgery when she was 24. Since then the number has risen to 14. She doesn’t plan to get old at any time and these kinds of surgeries are one way for her to keep old age at bay.

Age: 53

Name: Anja Tønnesen

Feels: Don’t know the exact age

How many grey strains of hair that hide in Anja’s hair does she not know, but she can see them emerge when her hair needs to be dyed. Anja also uses yoga as a way to achieve the feeling of youth mentally and physically.

Age: 48

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